Here are two simple ways to improve an acoustic guitar (especially if you’re having issues keeping it in tune.)

1.) Upgrade the tuners

Whether they are just old and worn out or not as stout as they should be, some tuners simply hold the strings in place better. Being able to throw a self locking tuner like Grover has available can save a ton of time changing strings.

2.) Brass Tone Bridge Pins

The plastic piece that holds the strings in can be swapped out with something more substantial. The brass pins help hold the string in place and increase sustain making a better/strong connection with the body of the acoustic.

We typically special order the tuners based on the type of guitar you have (there are many differing styles, colors, and types available.) We will make sure you get something that is not only going to look good, but is functional and holds tune better for you! The Brass bridge pins are typically in stock and ready to rock at the shop!